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Scientific studies show that there exists an urgent need for proteins one day after a race. It is important not to load the metabolism unnecessarily. For that reason and for continued enhanced performances highly digestible and highly usable proteins are fed. This supply of easily digestible and highly usable proteins can be implemented with the use of Röhnfried K+K Protein range.

K+K Eiweiß (Protein – water soluble powder or tablets)

K+K Proteins are special short chain Proteins made from blood plasma. It is easily digestible animal proteins from the highest quality. This product is used to provide fatigued pigeons an aid to fast recovery. The organic bound iron present also helps to increase the Haemoglobin value in the blood and thus the oxygen exchange within body cells while training and racing. K+K Protein also contains, methionine, lecithin, magnesium and citric acid.

• K+K Protein ensures the supply of top quality protein after strenuous exercise is accessible in an easily digestible form.

• K+K Protein does not cause extra burden to the metabolism process and helps increase the oxygen exchange within the cells.

• K+K Protein improves intestinal activity and rapidly degrades lactic acid, the waste product in the muscles after a race or strenuous exercise.

• K+K Protein is far more valuable than the protein from cereal grains or forage peas, due to the fact it has such a high proportion of amino acids. After a race, during the detoxification phase the short chain animal protein is converted by enzymes. All feeding systems, especially light feeding should be supplemented with K+K Protein.

• K+K Protein also contains methionine - A liver detoxifier, lecithin, an important component of the brain and nerve cells and magnesium, a very important activator for protein metabolism and muscle cell synthesis.

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K + K Protein Pills

- K+K protein Pills are intended to ensure the supply of protein after pigeon flights with top-quality, easily digestible protein
- K+K protein does not burdened the metabolism, it increases the oxygen exchange in the cells
- The intestinal activity is improved and the lactic acid (the waste products in the muscles from the race) are rapidly degraded
- K+K protein is far more valuable than the protein from grains and forage peas, because it has a high proportion of amino acids

Packaging unit: 100 Pills

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K + K Protein 3000

protein concentrate

• Multi-protein
• Muscle development
• Immune support

Packaging unit: 600g Tub

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organic phosphor to stimulate the metabolism

• Regeneration
• Liver relief
• Improving performance

Packaging unit: 250 ml

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